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Who Are We?

Social Machines is a behaviour change company for cyber security. We help large organisations better manage their cyber security risks (and reduce exposure to financial, legal, and reputational damage). Our team of behavioural scientists use robust, evidence-based methods to collect and analyse data. This is then used to develop tailored interventions to improve the cyber security behaviours of users.

Who Are We
Who Are We

Our team is expert in human behaviour – at the cutting edge of our knowledge on what it means for humans to want, to believe, and to act; on who it is we are. Our work is robust and evidence-based and includes our particular emphasis on interactions within systems of humans and technology.

How We Operate

Our team comprises behavioural and social scientists and technologists, with backgrounds in the UK government defence and security sector, academia and industry. We are positioned at the cutting edge of our disciplines and draw on our networks across these sectors to deliver.

Social machines works across research and innovation ‘technology readiness levels’ to (1) create commercial applications and (2) shape technical and regulatory standards. We do this by:

  • Systematic review and contextualisation of primary research
  • Creating taxonomies and evidence bases via primary and secondary research
  • Creating proofs of concept for practical applications
  • Developing and testing practical applications
  • Scaling refined practical applications into the commercial marketplace
Our Background



We are advising a cyber wargame developer so that behaviour change and social influence principles (including robust evaluation methods) are built into game design.


We are undertaking a systematic review of theory and practice of online influence for an organisation with an international footprint.


We are developing an evidence base focused on tailored, user-centric training and awareness: what works for who, when, where? The evidence base is being applied to redevelopment of a training package to create the most effective training and awareness package in the commercial marketplace.


We are creating an evidence base to support organisational resilience to cyber-attack: what interventions work, in what context, for who? The mature service will embed expert consultants within organisations to facilitate behaviour change interventions using this evidence base.


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